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China(Shanghai)International Food Exposition

China (Shanghai) International Food Exposition is approved by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's republic of China, sponsored by China Food Industry Association and hosted by Shanghai Vue Exhibitions Asia Ltd.. The theme of the exhibition is “Connect, Pioneer, and Empower”.As an exchange export platform for domestic and foreign food brands and an enabling platform for the global food industry, the Expo will build a multi-symbiotic value ecosystem, lead the industry trend with innovation. And from the perspectives of brand marketing, cutting-edge technology and industrial trends, it will become a global sharing platform for food production, trade, distribution, retail, investment consulting, branding ideas, food packaging, warehousing and logistics, and new food technologies.With internationalization, marketization, and branding as the standard, the 6th China Food Expo will create an international food industry dialogue platform for value display and thought collision in the food industry. It provides opportunities for dialogue, reference and discussion between China and the foreign countries, inheritance and innovation, culture and technology, business model and operating thinking, and promotes cooperation, exchange and development for international and domestic food industry.

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