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March 20,2018


"During R&T in Shanghai from 20 until 22 March 2018, Materia will be present with the exhibition “Must have Materials”. This exhibition consists of a mix of special materials for interior and architecture. No less than 250 new materials will inspire the visitor.

Whether it is about interactive sunscreens, cork textile or wood composites, sometimes you see a material with which you fall in love. You think: that is what I need for my product or project! This exhibition shows modern and innovative versions of multifunctional, smart, original, sustainable and beautiful materials. How about metal mesh for sunscreens, paper made of cacao, a 2.5D printed surface, thermo chromic plastics, and translucent wood? Textile made from tree bark or wallpaper made from herbs? Whether it is for furniture, interior, exterior or window coverings, the possibilities nowadays are endless. In short: for an extended overview of inspirational materials, visit “Must have Materials” during R&T Asia in Shanghai!"

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