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International Window & Door Summit (IWDS)


Universal design – doors/gates, windowsand sun protection in the building envelope

Debuting in 2013, this special educational and networking event consistently earns excellent reviews from attendees.

IWDS excels in breaking down barriers between the Chinese and Western markets as it shares ideas and discusses important issues facing the global door, window, and solar shading markets.

The theme at R+T Asia 2016 was “Better technologies, better life” as the show focused on smart home technology and future technological trends for the industry. The show’s educational component, the International Window and Door Summit, featured global experts in two separate markets. For the sun protection industry, speakers discussed the theme of “Smart Home Brings the Future to Life,” while experts in the door and gate industries focused on “Global Insights and Technologies.” Both summits included national and international experts and professionals of the industry, including members of the ZigBee Alliance, which sets global standards for IoT (Internet of Things) products.

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