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Opportunities with the layout of “The Belt And Road”, further cooperation between China and the Netherlands

On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the establishment of ambassadorial diplomatic relations between China and the Netherlands, the conference was held on September 18 in The Hague, the Netherlands. Senior officials of the two governments co-chaired the opening ceremony, attended by more than 300 Chinese heavyweights.

The event was sponsored by the Sino-Dutch Friendship Association, the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and received strong support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. The purpose of the meeting is to find a model of "co-consulting, co-building and share" and strengthen the all-round cooperation of the local governments of the Chinese and Dutch governments under the "The Belt and Road" of the Chinese government.

Representatives from the Chinese and Dutch governments spoke at the opening ceremony, and representatives from all walks of life warmly exchanged views on the opportunities for cooperation between provinces and cities under the framework of "The Belt and Road".

At the meeting, Jaarbeurs as the Dutch business representatives, CEO Albert ARP introduced Jaarbeurs in the past century for the guests. Moreover, with established presence in Netherland, Thailand and China, Jaarbeurs is capable of providing its clients with worldwide business support. It offers diversified activity programs, led to millions of business contacts. In 2001, aiming to  develop the Chinese exhibition market together, Royal Dutch Jaarbeurs and Keylong Exhibitions established a joint venture—VNU Exhibitions Asia Ltd., which opened a new chapter for the group in China.

As the representatives of Chinese enterprises, President David Zhong was also invited to speak on stage. The cooperation with Jaarbeurs are nearly two decades, he said he had a deep impression with Netherlands. He said "The Netherlands in my eyes" at first, about his own Dutch impression. When referring to the identity of his own business, he talked around the "The Belt and Road" theme, and the future of Sino-Dutch cooperation between enterprises in the direction of development.

China is the starting point of the Silk Road, while the Netherlands is the end of the Silk Road connecting Central Europe .VNU as a Sino-Dutch joint venture company, with its unique advantages, hoping to build a bridge to create opportunities for development in China and the Netherlands. "This year we will launch a more in-depth cooperation in the agricultural and food safety of the Dutch traditional advantages. And in November HORTI CHINA will be held, David Zhong said. At the same time, he also officially announced that China "The Belt and Road" Expo will be hold in October 2018 in the Netherlands. At that time, with the concerted efforts of the two governments, Jaarbeurs as Europe's most powerful exhibition company will show the European people a comprehensive picture of China's new economy and new image.

The conference was held at a time when China vigorously promoted the "The Belt and Road" and the comprehensive development of Sino-Dutch cooperative partnership, we believe this will advance and deepen cooperation to promote mutual understanding and explore new opportunities.

The next few days, in addition that the Chinese delegation visit the Dutch enterprises, the city's delegations will visit the corresponding sister cities respectively.

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