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Domestic exhibition service:

VNU provides convenient service for exhibitors. According to the needs of exhibitors, it will help them analyze exhibiting strategies, booth planning, and preparation for exhibitions before exhibitions.

Overseas exhibition service:

VNU helps Chinese enterprises to expand overseas market through its overseas cooperation channels, and it helps enterprises successfully settle in overseas exhibitions. Besides, it facilitates the communication and cooperation between exhibitors and overseas potential customers and the global promotion of their brands.

Conference services:

VNU builds conference platforms for the industries related to construction, building materials, pet, tourism, health, maternal and child health care, and others, organizes industrial summit forums, propel contacts between exhibitors and industries, as well as help exhibitors rapidly grasp cutting-edge technologies, come up with industrial development, and seize market opportunities.

Other supporting services:

VNU provides all the services for exhibitors, including booth design, booth construction, transportation, and translation (or interpretation). It also provides one-stop services including planning, design, making, transportation, installation, management, and implementation, so as to help exhibitors build brands in exhibitions.

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