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Corporate Social Responsibility

Attaching great importance to its commitment to social responsibility, the company has been actively involved in various public welfare activities.

Co-founded with donations by VNU Exhibitions Asia and Catch Media, the " China Philanthropist Network Roundtable" special fund of the Shanghai Charity Foundation, plays an active role in China's public welfare undertakings with the aim to promote the sustainable development of China's philanthropy.

As a member of the Society of Entrepreneurs and Ecology (SEE), VNU Exhibitions Asia has contributed to China's environmental protection and sustainable development. In addition to annual funding, the company-based team of volunteers set up by VNUers has actively taken up the organization work of the Shanghai Center of the SEE.

As a professional organizer specializing in exhibitions of the construction industry, the company has pooled its resources to jointly initiate the special Eco-City Fund with a number of entrepreneurs in the urban construction field in a bid to promote ideas and technologies in the sustainable development of the construction industry.

By the end of 2015, as an important initiator and sponsor, VNU Exhibitions Asia worked with a number of exhibition organizations to organize and launch the "Future Leaders Forum for Chinese Event Industry" through a variety of forms and to promote the integration of production, teaching and research in China's exhibition industry in an innovative and pragmatic way.

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